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Friday, December 21, 2012

The Storm is Here!

I have been eagerly waiting for this baby, and after a month of waiting, we finally met! I'm happy to finally see you, Storm Kimonos Flor.

It comes in a bag with the same design! :)
Ordering a gi and having it shipped to the Philippines is usually a pain in the a**, because of inconsistent customs charges. So what I normally do is order it from Manila and have it shipped to a friend in the US who will be coming home. I am so glad that my teammate agreed to this arrangement.

I haven't worn this gi yet to training, but the size (F2) fits me perfectly. The pants are a little bit wider compared to my Atama, which is a good thing because I have gained a significant amount of weight (and fats!) after my tonsillectomy surgery. The top is a little bit loose on the shoulder/back, but I assume this will fit better once it has gone through some washing.

What I totally love about this gi is the embroidery. This is the most beautiful gi I own! The detail of the cherry blossoms is girly yet it looks so badass. The design and the overall look is a sight to behold!

My cat fell in love with it right away, and decided to make it into a cat bed :)

I am about to do the mandatory-for-colored-gis vinegar soaking, so I will post again once I have test-rolled it. But I am definitely loving it so far! 


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