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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thongs, Anyone?

-- Jonna B.

Location:  Dojo Dressing Area

As I was getting ready to leave the dojo after BJJ, a teammate who just got back on the mat told me:

N:  Hey Jonna, could you excuse me?  I just need to get my thongs.

Jonna:  Uhm, what?!

N:  My thongs...

Dumbfounded that someone wears thongs to BJJ (and a BIG guy at that!), I gave him room to move.  He went straight to the shoe shelf.  And...picked up his Havaianas!  I laughed hard when I realized that he's an Aussie, and they call their slippers/flipflops/sandals/Havs as THONGS.

In my part of the world, however, this is what thongs are:


bwahahah!! hilarious!! would've been so awkard if he reached for a banana hammock

With boxing, someone hooked up a new speed ball to test. He then shouted, ad verbatim: "Hoy kayo, try nyo sapakin tong balls ko". SIGE NGA! : )

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