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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Do You Like the New Look?

-- Jonna B.

I hope you love it! :) Okay, it's not exactly pink, but pink and purple go together well anyway. And they are both girly colors (ooops, I'm rationalizing!).

Not all tabs are working yet, as I will have to slowly (and painfully?) fill them up when I have the time and the inspiration to write. I originally envisioned this blog to be a resource for female BJJ lovers, and a showcase of the BJJ scene in the Philippines. Not everyone knows where my country is on the world map, so hopefully I will be able to help Filipinos get recognized in the sport.

Meanwhile, enjoy this Hello Kitty my teammate designed for me as a patch! Pink and girly, alright, but looks cool, don't you think?

This is How We Roll at the University!

-- Jonna B.

I just started doing casual BJJ classes at the university where I teach. The students started an MMA Club with a few of my teammates setting up the org, so I thought to do the same for the faculty and staff. We started two weeks ago, and look at how many turned up!

We don't do a formal BJJ class. We warm up, stretch, drill the basics (shrimping, rolling), and then I show a few techniques that they can practice on. Then we roll. It's a simple class for those who have genuine interest for BJJ, most of whom have only seen it on the UFC.

I have one female colleague who is very keen on learning BJJ. She is 44 years old, and her son was my student in one of my marketing classes! She is the only person I've met who never had hesitations and inhibitions on her first try at BJJ. She learned quickly, and was even game to roll on her second session! She already knows how to keep her arms tight (to avoid an armbar) and was trying to bridge to escape the mount. Watch our video:

I got mixed reactions from those who had their first session. Some are keen to come back, while a few others are forgetting about BJJ too soon -- I guess full contact sport is not really for them :) But my two female colleagues are sticking it out on the mat! I'm so proud of them and my little BJJ team at the Uni.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

BJJ Grading

-- Jonna B.

We just had our grading today -- four new blue belts, and one new purple! Congratulations!

There were two female teammates who got their stripes on their white belt -- currently, we only have about seven women in the team, including myself! I would like to see more women (and pink gis?) on the mat soon!

new colored belts -- 4 blues, 1 purple
colored belts with Prof. Stephen Kamphuis -- not complete, we're missing about 10 or more

crazy, eh?

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