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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Competition: Pan Asian BJJ Gi and No Gi 2011

BJJ Federation of the Philippines
presents the

Pan Asian BJJ Gi and No Gi International Open 2011
June 18-19, 2011
SM Mall of Asia

For registration and other details, click HERE


Cheese and crackers!  I am so tempted to give it a go, but like I told the guys at the gym, I'd rather win OR lose with glory.  Yes, there is glory in honorable defeat, and much humility in skillful victory.  Oh, am I showing my age or what?  

I am currently gi shopping.  Coach Stephen described my El Cheapo gi short of a bath robe, and I am kinda channeling Daniel San whenever I roll.  I don't really care much for aesthetics, but in all practicality, coach said it wasn't legal, and since I'm officially a BJJ geek, I should get a deserving geekly jedi suit.

Any suggestions for this lowly white belt?  I'd like it light because I sweat like a Himalayan Cat in the kitchen.

All the best!

Hahaha! I love my Atama, it has been with me for 5 years now (still kicking!) and it was my only gi for the first 2 years of my BJJ life. I have Keiko, Vulkan, Koral and a generic Korean gi, but my Atama just stands out. But that's probably subjective. The women's cut of Atama is perfect kasi for short/petite women. 

There are new brands right now that you may want to check out (these are expensively marketed though!) -- Bull Terrier, Lucky, Shoyoroll, etc.

Thanks for the advice, well I'm not a tall guy but I have an athletic frame hence the irony of fitting.  I have my dress shirts made in Kamuning because of my wide neck LOL

Checked out K1 and they had a Gameness Gi that fit perfect on top, but the bottom made me feel like MC Hammer.  *cue* CAN'T TOUCH THIS! 

A friend said that they could've inadvertently (or not) switched pants.  So there may be huge guy out there rolling around with shorts.

Oh well, thanks again and hope to roll with you again soon!  You're very technical!  Cheers!

Hahaha, Gameness is also a good gi, as I've seen guys use it for over 3 years. And fits them well, too!

Ano ba, hindi naman masyado. Practice and mat time lang ang kailangan :) See you around!

Hmm, I went to K1 with my wife, and there was a Gi sale.  Not so big, but good reason enough for me to grab a Koral.  I was suiting up the Gameness and she was like, "Konti na lang may Koral ka na".  Which got me thinking of the few times I've scratched a penny only to end up with a lemon. 

I rolled with it today and I felt the difference.  Was lighter, and I was, well, apart from the weather, cooler.  I feel like I'm motocross gear shopping again.  So many nice things to pick, like rash guards (Coach vetoed my surf rash guard, sando, not pure cotton), but apart from being costly, I'm still not worth the brand names.  More mat time for me, and some Divisoria rash guards!  At least I'm good with my surf shorts!

See you soon and thanks for your advice!

Yay! You have a gi na! Congratulations @google-061698b17b1f833a38523fa57922fd4d:disqus  :)

Don't worrry about buying the expensive rash guards and board/fight shorts. I used a P250 rash guard (long sleeves pa!) from Landmark, and I was using it for over a year. Kevin, who's a purple belt, used his P150 board shorts bought from Boracay for 2 years! So ya, go to Divisoria and do some cheap shopping! :)

Thanks Thanks!  I'm super happy with my Koral!  Neil told me to shrink the pants pa, so I did and it worked.  Practically bespoke!  

Thanks for the tip about the fight gear.  Unless somebody hauls in something from abroad as a present, I just might stand down.  I've been using the same surf shorts for years.  Landmark is worth checking out, although now I'm fine with my not so spandexy top.  

Be safe and see ya!

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