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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mouth Sore Treatment

-- Jonna B.

Who hasn't received an accidental hit on the mouth while rolling in BJJ?  I am always a victim of this:  my partner jerks his knee while I'm passing, or he forces a choke from the back by rubbing his arm on my mouth/jaw, or an elbow suddenly flies over my face and hits my lips.  

Almost every week, I get a new mouth sore (also called mouth ulcer or canker sore) from training.  I tried wearing a mouthguard but I couldn't get a perfect fit even after trying different brands.  So I have to live with getting mouth sores all the time.  I have tried different and expensive remedies, but they're not good enough.  Until I found the perfect one.  And a cheap one at that.

Tawas or alum is abundant in the Philippines, and can be bought for less than $1 for half-a-fist-sized crystal.  Powdered tawas can also be bought.  This is used primarily as a natural deodorant, but someone told me to try it on a mouth sore.  It's healing powers are amazing!  It usually takes only 1 to 2 days of treatment to heal the sores completely.

Applying this crystal on a mouth sore, however, requires a brave heart.  As soon as you put it on, you immediately feel a painful, tingling sensation.  Good thing the feeling goes away after the first 5 seconds or so.  I normally keep it there for up to a minute, then re-apply after 4 or 6 hours.

The taste is also a different matter altogether.  It has an awfully sour taste that is incomparable to the sour fruits that I have tasted.  But hey, at least it only takes 2-4 applications to heal a mouth sore!

This is how it looks like:

I wonder if this is available in your area.  Do you get mouth sores, too?  What kind of treatments do you use?



Oh my do I ever feel your pain. My genes predispose me to canker sores, and BJJ ensures those genes stay well intact. My grandfather told me about the alum treatment many years ago. It stings, but it does dry out the sore quickly.

A few other ideas:

Brush your teeth with baking soda, some regular toothpastes contain sodium laureth sulfate, which can irritate mouth sores.

Gargle with salt water daily. The salt water helps your gums stay strong.

Take Lysine supplements.


Oh maybe I'm also predisposed to easily have them!

Thank you for sharing those tips. I will try them to see which one works best :)

Does it sting as bad as nu skin on cuts? Ouch! My daughter gets sores a lot due to her braces - I'll have to look for this.

I haven't tried nu skin yet, but Alum sure stings! But only in the first 5 seconds or so. It's very effective for me, as my sore starts healing right away. It's usually painless already on the next day.

i need to test this out because canker/mouth sores are getting OLD. i hate them, but i get them all the time now and have bought numerous over the counter items for it and none of them have helped, boo wasted money. thanks for the info

I hope it's magic works on you, too! :)

be careful of alum-tawas intake because it contains sulfur derived from sulfuric acid. excessive intake may cause you more harm than good.

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