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-- Jonna B.
This is not about cute pink stuff.

Nor about anything girly.

Oh, and pink is not my favorite color.

This is an offshoot of my previous blog, MANBEATER.

I wanted to continue writing about women in BJJ, and eventually create a resource for those who are as passionate about this sport.  Although I will still keep the MANBEATER blog, I will no longer write in it because I think the name sends the wrong message -- our goal as women is not to beat men, but to beat our better self to be the best.

I can still remember how I ended up using that name handle.  I was only doing BJJ for two months back then when I went against a guy who was doing it for five months.  He was a little bigger (I am 50kg, he is 65kg) but I managed to get a mount, then an armbar.  It definitely felt great, and because I was new, it felt like it was easy to beat a man.  After four years of doing BJJ, it wasn't always the case.  Although I still submit men once in a while, I get caught by them more often than I would enjoy.  The name just doesn't fit anymore.  So I decided to "re-brand" my blog into something that feels more natural. will be about things for and by women who have made BJJ a stress reliever, a sport, a passion, a lifestyle.

Why the name?  PINK easily and naturally represents women without batting a mascara-covered eyelash.  Although not every woman loves to wear a pink gi on the mat (myself included), PINK is striking enough to get noticed, fierce enough to be remembered, and feminine enough to be underestimated -- which comes in handy on most times :)

So what else is there to say, except keep on training and reading this blog!



I love it :) Your site is really great & I've been enjoying reading it :P
I'm keeping a blog about my progress with JiuJitsu as well & I just started - barely even a month old & I walked in with almost 0 knowledge about anything.

Kudos & Thank you for all your information & input!

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