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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How Do You Like the New Look?

-- Jonna B.

I hope you love it! :) Okay, it's not exactly pink, but pink and purple go together well anyway. And they are both girly colors (ooops, I'm rationalizing!).

Not all tabs are working yet, as I will have to slowly (and painfully?) fill them up when I have the time and the inspiration to write. I originally envisioned this blog to be a resource for female BJJ lovers, and a showcase of the BJJ scene in the Philippines. Not everyone knows where my country is on the world map, so hopefully I will be able to help Filipinos get recognized in the sport.

Meanwhile, enjoy this Hello Kitty my teammate designed for me as a patch! Pink and girly, alright, but looks cool, don't you think?


Nice - love it! Great features. And love your new friend.

Thanks Jennifer! I'm glad you like it :)

Jonna!!! I HAVE to have that Hello Kitty! Can I use the image to get a patch made? Pretty please?

Jonna!!! I HAVE to have that Hello Kitty! Can I use the image to get a patch made? Pretty please?

Sure, Georgette! I had it made already and it looks really nice! I haven't sewn it on my gi yet, though. Oh, and you may want to replace the black diamond patch on Hello Kitty's gi, that's my team's logo :)

OMG I second that! In fact, are you gonna be making the patches to sell? I really really really wouldn't mind purchasing the patch at all!

And I LOVE the new layout :) gave me an idea! Yeah, maybe I can sell them in the next tournament :) See you in June, Su Ling!

hehehe sell one to meeeeeeeeee I would LOVE to get a patch. :) Can I make a request to have a generic BJJ patch on d kitty? Then u can sell it to anyone regardless of team at the next tourney. Plus I think it's cheaper to produce a couple?

Pssssss I wanna reserve 3 pls. :P

Hope the patches are coming along! And good luck at the Pan Asian!

ack! Please still sell them at the upcoming tournament? I will be there & I will buy 2! (or 3) :) 
I love it <3

I will! I will! Thanks, @50d1267a2de0e4e008c043ac23e56915 for dropping by. Enjoy your training! :)

Hi Jonna,

This patch is soo adorable!  Do you mind if I have this patch copied (with some tweaking of course)? I plan on getting my gi for jiu jitsu and always wanted to get a HK patch for it.  Sooo cute! Absolutely love it!!!

Your fellow Filipina,
Abby (from Las Vegas)

Yay, no worries @fd8ee3852841656e6f8bd4a14841dbcd:disqus! You may have it copied. It really looks great on my gi! :) Where do you train?

OMG That patch is hot! I have a regular hello kitty on my gi but now I want this one! I hope it's ok if I steal it for my own good? Lol

Sure, no worries, @1d8573224a7966b437125041f450ee06:disqus ! It really looks good on my gi :))

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