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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Here's something to look forward to, all pink fans out there:

I am in no way connected with Atama.  I have checked their online store, and it is still not available in the international site but is already up in the Brazilian site.  I am not a big fan of pink gis, but the tribal design is just too pretty!  And I've always loved the fabric of Atama.  My very first gi, a blue female Atama gi, still survives even after training in it for four years.  In fact, it still remains as my favorite over my Koral, Keiko, Vulkan and a Korean-branded gi.

If you're not into pink, you may want this equally dainty gi worn by Leticia Ribeiro.  Neat and nice!


Nice, eh? :) I wonder how much it will be sold. Sometimes I think the BJJ products for girls are overpriced.

$245 each. Ugh! Still, WANT WANT WANT.

Hey Julia, I got the Atama Leticia Ribeiro gi for US$160! It's on holiday season sale. I had it delivered to my friend in the US, who brought it to Manila after new year. It's super pretty! It's still a bit big, so I will have to shrink it a bit.

please please email me so i can have one... i want the pink gi! waaaah... want it want it badly! =) thanks so much

Hi @e7f9f306a6ccb99a840bf983cf9b42b4 ! The pink gi is already available in the international site of Atama :)

Here's the link:

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