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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Get Naked, Ladies!

-- Jonna B.

Okay, before your mind gets dirty, let me get this straight -- ladies, get your face "naked" (without make-up) before training!

I have made a mistake of not cleaning my face before coming to the dojo a few years back when I was just starting.  Imagine my horror when I saw my partner's white gi covered in smudges of beige, pink, black and blue!  Thankfully, the guy was very gracious and politely declined my offer of having his gi laundered, saying that there's nothing to worry about.  Eeeek!  So I made a mental note and swore not to soil someone's gi again.  BJJ & make-up don't mix well!




I have only good things to say about either eyelash dyeing or eyelash extensions-- both are BJJ-proof, both avoid ever having to wear eye makeup, both make my redhead aka invisible eyelashes look fabulous.. try them! :)

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