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Saturday, March 26, 2011

BJJ Grading

-- Jonna B.

We just had our grading today -- four new blue belts, and one new purple! Congratulations!

There were two female teammates who got their stripes on their white belt -- currently, we only have about seven women in the team, including myself! I would like to see more women (and pink gis?) on the mat soon!

new colored belts -- 4 blues, 1 purple
colored belts with Prof. Stephen Kamphuis -- not complete, we're missing about 10 or more

crazy, eh?


Hey thanks for the gi tip! And congrats to all the guys who graded! I've met some of them at the gym. Haven't been able to train. Ironically, I blew my shoulder boxing (rotator cuff), then the next day went trail riding. Yeah, not exactly the smartest apple. Coach Stephen was nice enough to give me an extension. Super nice guy. Will be back late this week or early next. Call of the beach! Trying Kinesio tape on it tomorrow for boxing. Hope it's worth it's cost!

Anyhow, if I improve, so will my gi. Thought for the day..."If you are the baddest ass in your gym, you are in the wrong gym". Best regards my friend!

I'm sorry to hear that! Just when you got a new gi, and I'm sure you started getting the hang of rolling on the mat. Don't roll with the kinesio tape, though, it easilly peels away -- sayang ang mahal pa naman :)

See you at the gym!

Hi! Uh oh, I rolled with the Kinesio, just used a little bit, and you are so right, it peeled off. I saw a strip on the mat and I was like...Let's roll! Who cares! I've been in so many odd scenarios, and I'm grateful to God that the adage that pain is temporary, but *insert favorite word haha* (pride, glory, trophies, etc.) last forever. I'm having so much fun, and it's great kasi in boxing, I help newbies, whether competitive or not, and in BJJ there are a lot of nice people teaching me things. I've been attending Coach Hiro's gi class, and may attend the no gi class later after I box if I don't have work to do. Yeah I know. ADDICT!!!

I hope you can teach me a few things though, as I'm always a willing boxing and motorcycle coach haha! By the way, I love cats as well. I have three ugly ones, and if you're a cat person, you know ugly means just the opposite. My best regards!

Hahaha! Sayang haha. I'm doing no gi tonight, hoping to train with the globetrotter and John of Kauai Kimonos again. Hope to see you! Would love to show you a few moves, but I'm no expert ha :) I've loved boxing before, and would want to do it again. But I sold my pink Fairtex gloves already :( And yes, cats are precious! Most graceful creature :)

Sayang we didn't get to roll. People were giving me tips left and right and its really nice to have an environment like that!

Funny, when cats play or fight, it's like they're doing BJJ. I don't know if I'm the only one that's noticed that. Well since most martial arts are instinct and reflex based, I don't see why our feline or feral friends don't roll with the same motions, with the exception of Drunken Master, or Matilda the Boxing Kangaroo which is just awful.

No expert. AHEM. Blue belt ka ata! I think I'm playing too aggressively. The bane of a beginner. I remember when I started boxing and I just wanted to hit the other kid's face off. Later I realized that DUH. Not getting hit is a BIG part of the game. It's so tempting to muscle it out sa BJJ, only to find out that your partner is calmly and effortlessly on his or her little TAP YOU THE *F* OUT. : ) And Coach Hiro's knee is a freakin PISON.

Again, great to meet you, and we shall meet again. Cheers!

Those guys in Makati are really nice!

I got injured last night. My ankle got stuck, and I felt a shooting pain. But I can walk on it now, so I'm sure I can do my 10K run on Sunday :)

Oh yes, sometimes I even call out the moves when my cats "wrestle!" Like when someone does a "takedown" then moves to "north-south" haha. They're really good at rolling! I envy them!

I think I heard Nico telling you about not to get demotivated if you can't get people, or if people keep on submitting you in the first few months. He has good points. The globetrotter also mentioned that. He said something like, we have a constant need for that "high" when we submit someone, but ultimately, you are only competing against yourself. If your only goal is to submit, you lose track of what's happening, which is where learning happens. You should be mindful of your position, what the other guy is doing, where your hand is, etc., and learn from your mistakes. I spent a looooong time getting frustrated in BJJ when I was starting because I was never an athlete, and everything was new to me. I didn't understand why you had to do things (like posture up, don't post your hand, etc.) and I am not a natural in doing the moves, so I had to keep on doing drills for muscle memory. But I think I can hold my own now somehow (I hope :) I think as a beginner, you just really need to learn how to relax and not muscle your way out, because when you get tired, the technique of your partner will find its way. It's ok to tap :) I have a better armbar defense now because I got armbared like a hundred times before haha :) But, at the end of the day, you just really have to enjoy what you're doing :)

See you again!

Hi yes, thanks for the tips! Nothing ever gets me down. I think one must be humble in order to succeed in anything. You're right I should be much more tactical. Thank you, thank you! Actually it's like when a boxer tries so hard to get a knockout punch and it never happens? When I first knocked someone down I NEVER saw it coming. I just kept doing things correctly.

But even if they call boxing the "sweet science", I truly believe BJJ takes more out of you. Since there are more parts of the body to manipulate, there is much more going on in the head.

Off hand, you know ankles are really tricky! Nasty when you get ankle injuries. I have to show you my left ankle and how the cartilage has thickened because I kept working on it even when injured. It healed like that. The other side is not that bad. I'm glad it's better though, and wow good luck on your 10K. I'm more of a trail runner though I haven't had the time, I just run a little at night.

Thank you again for your patience in teaching and see you again!

Oh and I thought? I think it's okay to sometimes get that "victory high" for the right reasons. Not because you've beaten another person, but you've done something right, and have outdone yourself. Just a slight twist on your's and Chris' ideologies.

For me, it's also about HOW you bagged the win. There's a fine line between being crafty and dirty, right? : ) I've met the dirtiest opponents in sports, and they usually fold when you don't play into their tactics diba?

Again, have a great Sunday!

Wow by the sound of it, your ankle probably has been toughened up by time and constant injuries hehe. I'm not a serious runner, I just do it to complement my BJJ. I do trail running sometimes, too.

Hahaha yes. As long as you learn from it (and it doesn't get in your head), I think it's okay. I think his point is, don't go for "quantity," go for "quality" -- I know of someone who rolls with new people just so he could get his way around, but give the newbie a few months and he'll beat the sh*t out of this big guy. Talk about payback time :)

Oh yes indeed. The "bully type". Sparring with newbies and taking them down will NEVER teach you anything. I'm a Christian, so payback is never in my to do list, but I believe in the age old adage: What goes around, comes around. (and taps around?) Not that I'm saying I'm all grand, but last Friday, this guy is turning pro. He's 19, and needed help with his movements. I stepped up, took most of the hits and landed mostly body punches. We're still working, but with the kid's potential, he may as well best me in a coupla years. Good for him.

I have never, and I'm sure neither have you or most of the guys at the gym, have ever used anyone as a training dummy.

True. I shall try to go for quality, although the newbie in me still loves to "power out", "smash and crash", even if I know I'll eventually tap. And I don't care if I tap. Whenever I tap, I learn not to be stupid. : )

No sport is an ego game diba? Pride destroys. It's always a pleasure to meet like minded athletes like you, with the true grace of a champion.

I'll be at the no gi class later, hope to see you there!

Yes, everyone is calling me a BJJ addict. Sabi nga ng boxing coach ko in his best, um, Southern accent, "wrisleng ka ng wrisleng dyan baka ma-pelay ka, engot lang parate oy!"

wow! i would like to learn MMA...too bad i have slip discs. darn college bowling!

Hi @google-061698b17b1f833a38523fa57922fd4d:disqus ! Do you still train? I've trained a couple of times in Rada but I did not see you there :)

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