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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kyra Gracie Seminar in Singapore

If there are key figures in my BJJ life whom I look up to, one of them would definitely be Kyra Gracie. Most women BJJ practitioners I know see her as an inspiration, a role model, a bad-ass competitor. Her grace on and off the mat surely proves just how dangerous she is -- her charm makes you think she's just a cutie, but don't make the mistake of messing with her because she can definitely squeeze the life out of you. Her recent win in ADCC along with her numerous BJJ world titles just show how much of a female killer she is. On the mat, that is.

Kyra Gracie celebrating after submitting Michelle Nicolini with omoplata in ADCC 2011
Photo Source: gi3girls
GOLD: Kyra Gracie | SILVER: Michelle Nicolini | SILVER: Luanna Alzuguir
ADCC 2011
Photo Source: gi3girls

(Details of what went on in the finals of ADCC 2011 -60kg can be found HERE)

So Kyra Gracie doing a seminar in Singapore is definitely a good news for female BJJ practitioners in Southeast Asia! Here are the details taken from Evolve-MMA Singapore site:

DATE:     October 8 & 9, 2011
TIME:      10:00 am to 12:30 pm
VENUE:   Evolve Far East Square
COST:     Evolve students: $100/1 day, $150/2 days
                Public: $150/1 day, $200/2 days

I wish it was held when I was in Singapore last month. I probably couldn't go, but if you are, please do share your experience! I would definitely love to meet her!


I'll be going to the seminar because my boyfriend got it for my birthday present! (What a sweetie right!!!) I can't wait to meet Kyra. She's totally my idol! 

Will definitely share with u my experience. :) 

Oh, that's so sweet, @0a8ec66645e8ab1ab0f7f2e1ab9a21ba ! I would really love to go, at least just to meet her! *envies her friend from Malaysia*

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