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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crap, crap, crap!

There are crappy days, and then there are crappier nights. Last night was one of them.

Have you ever cried on the mat, while training, out of frustration?

I did, last night.

I was very discreet about it, of course. No one even knew. I was still smiling and laughing with my teammates, but deep inside my sanity was slowly being eaten away by frustration. I would generally feel good about training, but last night was different. My game just wouldn't work, no matter how hard I try. It didn't help that I was panting like a rabid dog. I appreciate that the guys don't go easy on me anymore, so I get swept easily and my arm is even hurting from an unexpected submission. I don't feel like my game is moving forward, while everyone else is progressing...


This is definitely a common experience. I think the more blogs I read, the more people I train with & talk to, the more I realize that experiencing plateaus and setbacks and having downright frustrating sparring sessions is par for the course. Even upper belts tell us this a lot of the time as well. 

I have no doubts you'll overcome it because you have a passion for jiu-jitsu, which means you'll persevere! 

Thank you for sharing your sentiments, nonetheless! I definitely empathize!

 Thank you very much for your kind comment. I guess everyone goes through a crappy moment in training once in a while. It helps us motivate to work harder, I guess :)

I haven't read your blog in awhile and just happen to come back to it today. I've even started my own BJJ blog in the meantime.
I know how you feel, Jitz can be frustrating, but that is why we are in it.  It surrounds us, envelops us and becomes a way of life.  You will endure and more often than not setbacks often become giant leaps in our game. 

Control the hips control the game

Definitely done that. Several times. Not something to be embarassed about, nor is it a sign of weakness like a lot of people think. It's just a sign that you've dedicated yourself to something and want to succeed. I still get them after 19 years in the fighting arts, usually after a frustrating session where I get some minor injury. Normally I'd shrug it off, but that one session it is the infamous last drop. 

I think it's good you're writing about it, as it is a side to martial arts most people are embarassed to show. And having read bits and bobs on here I have no doubt you'll experience and overcome more of these moments as you seem really dedicated to your game :)

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Jonna B!!!

You have to take risks and open up your game. You've got to experiment a little on new techniques, and stick at it...most importantly,,,have FUN!

Gut feeling, is that you go to the technique of the day, 3-5 times, switch...then move on.

You need to go outside the box, and stick at it! Pick a technique, you want and keep drilling it...make it a point to try and pull it off in training. You will get passed and passed, but as you go begin to see the smaller details that make up the move, then eventually you get it!

Just my few tips ;)

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